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“Every day on the way to work we drove past a pretty PINK BRICK HOUSE.
SOMETHING INSIDE PULLED us to it… as we admired the charming property surrounded by a white fence.
One evening, heading home, my husband had a sudden IMPULSE. He immediately made a U-turn and said, ‘I’m going to see if those people want to SELL that pink house.’
I was incredulous. Imagine knocking on the door of strangers, after dark. I was NERVOUS and AFRAID.
A frail elderly man answered the door … his attractive gray-haired wife standing behind him.
My husband said, “We’ve admired your lovely home… wonder if you’d like to sell it?”
The couple looked at each other with STUNNED expressions.
They invited us in. There was a crackling fire in the fireplace, cozy furnishings, and a BIBLE lying on the table.
The man smiled and said, We were just KNEELING here in PRAYER, asking God if we should SELL our home. That’s when you KNOCKED on our door. We would have to say, YES!’”
Donna Austin

God loves it when you STEP OUT in FAITH … getting out of your comfort zone. That’s when He can show you that He’s right there with you, HEARING the DESIRES of your heart.

And when PRAYER is involved, as it was with Donna and the people in the pink house… GET READY for Godwinks and blessings!

Here's a thought, wouldn't it be nice to have the dictionary DEFINITION of a GODWINK right on your COFFEE MUG ... as a daily reminder to look for your Godwinks? This is what that looks like.

Wishes for bountiful Godwinks.



Vicki Piebenga
Vicki Piebenga
This story reminds me of the time, 2 years ago, when I had just lost one of my beloved senior rescue dogs. I prayed to God the next day that if He had another dog that needed a home, please send it to me. The next day I got an email from a Dachshund Rescue organization that a home was quickly needed for a senior dog that had just lost her home. I got my answer! Now Schatzi is part of my dearly loved pack!
Drucilla Ray
Drucilla Ray
I have a God wink story to send you that happened over 2 years ago. I will email it to you. Turned out to be a medical miracle. Love your stories and movies.

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