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“I felt so sorry for the mother on the plane. For more than an hour she had tried to quiet her child, CRYING NON-STOP, enduring looks of annoyance from other passengers.
I had to pass her seat on the way to the lavatory.
Inside the lav I could still hear the wails of the child. That’s when I felt a QUICKENING in my SPIRIT, an inner voice saying, ‘RUB THE BABY’S BACK.’
I quietly ARGUED with GOD. ‘No… that mother might not want a stranger touching her child.’
‘Rub the baby’s back!’ was the reply.
‘Okay, okay.’
Returning to my seat, I looked at the mother sympathetically, smiled, and said, ‘Can I PRAY for your baby?’
The mother smiled weakly and NODDED.
I briefly rubbed the baby’s back, and silently prayed.
At my seat I picked up the book I was reading and realized that ALL GOD had ASKED me to do was to step out in FAITH.
In return, He showed Himself to me. You see, THE CHILD STOPPED CRYING for the rest of the trip.
I was relieved. (As were a few dozen others on the plane.)
Oh yes, the book I was reading was called ‘How to Pray’.”
Louise DuArt
My wonderful wife Louise still struggles with the courage it sometimes takes to STEP OUT IN FAITH … but, don’t we all?
That experience became an important lesson for her. It reaffirmed that when we reach out to God, He reaches out to us!
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Chloe Giampaolo
Chloe Giampaolo
This story made my day! But…ALL your god wink stories make my day! Squire, you and Louise are in my daily prayers! Wishing you God’s choicest blessings!

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