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“I drove SIX HOURS from my town near Naples, in Southwest Florida, to a meeting near the Georgia border, north of Jacksonville.
While there, I discovered my TIRE had a HOLE.
But here was my problem: A special WHEEL LOCK KEY is required to unlock my tires.
When I last had my TIRES CHANGED, near home, in Estero, FL, they gave me SOMEONE ELSE’S wheel lock key, which means I couldn’t get my tire UNLOCKED and changed!
I didn’t know what else to do but go to a tire store outside of Jacksonville.
But... here was the Godwink:
The gentleman DID HAVE an extra wheel lock key that matched my tire!
You see, he had a lady from MY AREA needing a tire change. She herself had her tire changed at the SAME PLACE I did, in Estero, and they gave HER the wrong key… MINE!
Result: I was DIVINELY ALIGNED to the RIGHT place, six hours from home to get my TIRE CHANGED …. and my WHEEL lock KEY back!
God is soooo good! (and hilarious!)”
Alex Blagojevic
When we stay in touch with God, He stays in touch with us!
And to show us it’s Him… he pulls off a Godwink like He did for Alex… sending him to the VERY TIRE STORE, six hours from home, where HIS lost wheel lock key was WAITING for HIM.
He also had a bonus. Alex now has a new friend. The man on the left, Landon, is the son of a Christian evangelist. They had a wonderful conversation about faith.
In his own post, Alex quoted this scripture: “A person’s steps are directed by the Lord. How then can anyone understand their own way?” (Proverbs 20:24)
Wishes for Winks


Diane M Baum
Diane M Baum
This is beautiful and he met a brother in Christ as a bonus!!!
I was feeling very down the day after the midterm election. Asking God why. People want to abort babies and then this Godwink. I must keep the faith and Lord hear my prayer. Thank you

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