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For weeks and weeks, CONGRESSIONAL REPRESENTATIVES had spoken with BITTER and ABUSIVE language.
Was there ANY HOPE at all for a peaceful nation?
An 81-year old man with flowing gray hair and wire spectacles ... quiet for much of the debate ... slowly rose to his feet. His MYTHOLOGICAL STATURE  as a statesman, ambassador, and scientist quieted the room, commanding the attention of all.
Only he, Benjamin Franklin, could have had the audacity during that moment of uncontrolled invective to suggest it was time to PRAY!
He reminded his colleagues that during the Revolutionary War they had beseeched God on a daily basis. “Our prayers were heard, and graciously answered,” he said. 
“Have we now forgotten that powerful friend ... and no longer need His assistance?”
The elder statesman now held the attention of every ear.

“The longer I live, the more convincing proofs I see of this truth ... that God governs in the affairs of men.

And if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without His notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without His aid?”

Franklin then made a bold motion: to begin every session with prayer.

Sadly, too many lawmakers stubbornly held on to their positions, and the motion was not even voted upon. 

However, overnight God apparently worked on the hearts of many of them... and ignited a Godwink.

The next day the  DEADLOCK MYSTERIOUSLY BROKE and America was on its way to having a Constitution!

Many later admitted that Frankin's speech had indeed motivated them to ask for God's help. And He accommodated.
Today, we again feel desperate... wondering if America is on the brink.

Let us remember the wise words of our Founding Father.

If God cares about every sparrow that falls from the sky… wouldn’t He also protect the nation that He created and sees as the “city on a hill”?

Let's imagine that Benjamin Franklin is asking two things of each of us today: to PRAY for our country and VOTE.
And remember ... every answered prayer ... is a Godwink!
Wishes for Winks.
SQuire & Louise

FYI: The full Benjamin Franklin Godwink story was published in "The 40 Day Prayer Challenge"

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Carol Ely
Carol Ely
Let’s all remember every day to pray for our country
Joyce C Dresser
Joyce C Dresser
Well put. We need to hold onto our faith, and pray that our fellow Americans grasp the opportunity of a full and fair democracy rather than disunion or demise of democracy. Voting and faith are imperative.
I am a proud Italian Canadian and a God loving citizen by birth, prayer is truly the answer always. God is the answer always. God bless the USA and Canada and all the countries of the world with peace and love always. Amen🫶💞🙏✝️

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