SQuire Rushnell

“Feeling frustrated and anxious, I pulled out my SKETCHPAD to draw. Having learned how to draw from a book, I find that DRAWING places my mind into drift mode.
While working, I talked with God … asking him to assist me on a family situation.
My husband popped in with a package from the mailbox. Grinning, he told me it was my new GODWINKS BOOK.
Before leaving he admired my drawing: DAFFY Duck and SYLVESTER the Cat.
When finished, I eagerly opened the package. My new book was ‘Godwink Effect’… the yellow one .. ‘7 Secrets to Gods Signs, Wonders and Answered Prayers’.
Randomly I flipped open the book, landing on page 183. I instantly LAUGHED OUT LOUD!
The line my eyes fell upon was this:  ‘…from DAFFY Duck's yer despicable to SYLVESTER’S Suffer’in Succotash"!
 I laughed again. ‘God, you have a great sense of humor,’.
It was the Godwink story of Mel Blanc, the man who created the cartoon voices of Daffy and Sylvester.
I read the amazing story of how Mel was in a coma and Bugs Bunny, whose voice Mel birthed, actually saved his life by helping him to emerge from the coma.
In a short space of time I went from anxiety and frustration to laughter and joy… through Godwinks!
Christy Bezkor

Let’s notice what happened here.

We often say "Godwinks happen when we allow them to happen." Christy had allowed herself to be OPEN to Godwinks by ordering a book called "The Godwink Effect". And that’s when she discovered Godwinks beginning to unfold.
Specifically, within moments of drawing cartoon characters named Daffy and Sylvester, she opened her new book to the very page on which the author (me) was writing about the same characters.
That’s pretty amazing. Could anyone calculate the odds of that?
Moreover, these events draw a parallel between the Thesis of Godwinks and the Biblical promise: “Seek me and find me when you search for me with all your heart.”*
Wishes for Winks
* Jer. 29:13 ISV

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