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“Working at the library, a customer ASKED specifically for ME. He needed help making a copy.

I walked him to the copier and he showed me the document.

It was a SONG.

Not just any song, it was the song my GRANDMA always sang with her ACCORDIAN at church.

I never KNEW all the words.

I told him this was meant to be… a GODWINK for me… that my grandma used to sing it and knowing the words was a treasure!

But now … I have a copy to keep for myself!

God winked at me.”

Regina Devenere Ross


Sometimes the simplest Godwinks can touch our hearts in the most meaningful way.

A stranger walks into your life … knows your name … and gives you a spiritual lift.

Seems very angelic, don’t you think?

Wishes for thoughtful Godwinks today.

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Kerry Batchelder
Kerry Batchelder
This is a beautifully written song! I would love to hear it sang. A true Godwink of the utmost because it was your Grandmothers. Thank you for sharing!

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