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“I only had about 20 minutes to stop and drop off my insurance payment and still get to work.

Getting back into my car I heard an inner whisper, ‘GO BACK INSIDE.’

I was like, ‘WHAT? I’ve got to get to work!’

Again, I went to start the car and heard the same thing.

With a bit of reluctance, I took the key out, slid out of the car, and walked back to the insurance building ... not having a clue as to why!

Imagine how FOOLISH I FELT when the agents looked up and saw me just standing there. They asked me if I forgot something.

So, I asked for the OWNER who took me back to his office.

Everyone had puzzled looks on their faces ... me included, I imagine.

In his office, I asked if I could PRAY for him.

Within seconds, the man BROKE DOWN in TEARS! He said he’d just learned his wife had CANCER!

I held his hand, opened my mouth and a PRAYER came out! Don't really remember what I said. He thanked me profusely, I left (in a daze) got in my car and, guess what? I made it to work exactly ON TIME!”

Trisha Taylor


When you feel a strong inner NUDGE, God has a reason for getting your attention
Like Trisha, maybe He wants you to pray for someone.
For those who would like connect with an army of prayer partners anytime, my dear wife Louise invites you to join her GODWINKERS GROUP. They're ARMED to the TEETH ... with prayer.

Wishes for wondrous winks! SQuire


My oldest daughter. Is being brainwashed by her husband. She treats me like dirt. He thinks now my Daddy has passed away. He is going to get all of his property. So he has gotten her to pushed. Her sister and brother away too. He just waiting on my mother to die
Alan  hubbard
Alan hubbard
Thanks again for the GodWinks that you keep sending out.They make my day and really strengthen my faith in Christ.Love to all.Alan
Years ago just before I headed for bed, I heard there was a horrific accident involving a car & a semi truck. No names were given so I don’t think much about it. After I got into bed I suddenly felt the " nudge" to pray for those involved in the accident. As I prayed I felt a more intense urge to continue praying. I prayed " intensely" for quite sometime. The next day I discovered the person involved was a lady I knew from my church who was literally fighting for her life.

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