YOU'RE A GODWINK LINK (Whether You Know it or Not)

YOU'RE A GODWINK LINK (Whether You Know it or Not)

SQuire Rushnell

“Some call it intuition or GUT INSTINCT. But sometimes, that voice is directing you to be a conduit for someone else’s miracle… a Godwink Link.

Three years ago I wanted to get a special GIFT for a friend who helped me through some challenging times.

After a trip to the mall turned up nothing, I decided to give a handwritten note and CASH.

Yet, HOW MUCH should I give? A number popped in my head. It was a LOT. I can’t afford that. Half that amount would still be generous!

I drove to the bank to get the cash.

En route, the larger number kept entering my mind. I ignored it. I got to the teller window, still hearing the other number in my head. Alright, alright. I asked for the LARGER amount!

An hour later, I was sitting on my friend’s couch. I told him that no amount of money could repay his KINDNESS but I wanted to say thank you.

He opened the envelope and the TEARS started to fall.

Yikes, I knew it was too over the top. What had I done?

Through his tears, he explained that his BROTHER had just died after a life-long battle with alcoholism. His siblings had gathered to make FUNERAL arrangements and assigned each family member an AMOUNT to contribute.

He prayed that God would help him FIND the money to bury his brother.

The amount he needed was what I had JUST GIVEN him!

For my friend, this gift was an affirmation that God heard his prayer. For me, it was a reminder to trust my inner voice and stop negotiating with it.”

That’s how God works—through us. Don’t miss out on the blessing—the chance to be a ‘Godwink link.’”

Lisa Marie Boykin


You’ve heard me say this before:

“God uses us as unwitting messengers of Godwinks to others… we become Godwink Links”.*

Imagine that… we all may be deliverers of goodness to others without the slightest clue that God is using us that way.

Today, good wishes for Godwinks of goodness!


*When God Winks at You"; pg 15

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