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“When my BABY girl was 8 MONTHS OLD our large family gathered at my parent's house. I put my baby down to SLEEP in a side bedroom, away from the noise.

While chatting, DAD suddenly SHUSHED me ... ‘Did you hear that?’

I asked what. He insisted he’d heard the BABY CRYING out.

I told him I had not heard a thing. And that, by now, I was very tuned-in to my child’s every sound and action.

With a PANICKED look, he RUSHED from the table.

Entering the room behind Dad my heart fell! I could see my beautiful LITTLE GIRL kicking her legs and FLAILING her arms!

She had somehow peeled a tiny piece of PLASTIC off her "footsie" pajamas and was CHOKING ... NOT MAKING A SOUND!

Thankfully … Dad was able to REMOVE the plastic from her throat!

I thank God every day that He allowed Dad to hear my baby CRY for HELP, when I know there was no sound coming from that room.”

Leeann Breau Caracciolo


Hearing “The Voice” of God is an unusual and often frightening experience!

If you hear a powerful INNER “VOICE” speaking to you … audibly … inside-your-head … or as an overwhelming instinct … it’s time to PAY ATTENTION.

It may be a Godwink of life.

One way to keep the definition of a Godwink, always in mind, is the Godwink Mug, which comes in five colors. "Godwinks: Signs of Hope" is on the opposite side. 


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Lenore Arnow
Lenore Arnow
This is a very important true story. A similar thing happened to me. At an outdoor party while I was talking with friends an inner voice said “where is your daughter “. I went to look for her and found her in the swimming pool having great difficulty getting out of the slippery pool. From that moment on I realized how important it is to listen to the inner voice which I believe was an angel’s voice that watches over us.

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