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“I had a dream about MOM. Woke up and she stayed on my mind.

Later that day, in a Pennsylvania antique shop, I came across a TRAVEL-GARMENT BAG. I did a double-take. It was JUST LIKE Mom’s back in Baltimore.
I stood there, staring at it, wondering … WHO would have had a bag like Mom’s?
I looked at the tag to see if there was a name.
TEARS of JOY filled my eyes.
The NAME and HANDWRITING took my breath away!
It WAS Mom’s bag!
Love those Godwinks.”



Godwinks are SURPRISES, just about always. Often they’re answers to prayers that you don’t even know you were asking. But, they are ALWAYS SIGNS of COMFORT.

Imagine that divine alignment from God: placing the dream into Barbara’s mind… and arranging for her to be in that very store, that very day, to see that very garment bag!

Pretty astonishing, isn't it?

May you have eye-opening Godwink today!




Louise M Head
Louise M Head
Love you folks…keeping you in my heart and in my prayers. Be well, stay safe.
Beverly Chairez
Beverly Chairez
God is amazing

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