A few days before Christmas our pastor Don Bradley called, excitedly saying, "I have to tell you this amazing Godwink and Divine Alignment! We're thankful to be alive!"


SQuire Rushnell
A few days before Christmas our pastor Don Bradley called, excitedly saying,
"I have to tell you this amazing Godwink! We're thankful to be alive!"
This is the story he told:
"Ten days ago today the local Fire Marshall Jason Houle came to our home to inspect the construction of our new addition.
Jason, whom I’ve known since I was a coach and he was a player, told me that I was LIVING DANGEROUSLY by not having smoke detectors. He didn’t mince words, instructing me to get on the task immediately, showing me exactly where to place them.
So, over that weekend I installed the smoke detectors and Jason was scheduled to return on Monday, which he did, and we passed.
After he left, my dear wife Gayle stained the new floor with a paint brush and clean rags. She did a great job; it looks beautiful.
Three days later, Thursday morning, Gayle and I were having coffee in the original part of the house, when suddenly, a SMOKE DETECTOR went off!
We ran to the new addition and saw smoke coming from the oil rags that were in a plastic bag. The rags were in spontaneous combustion and were smoking in a manner that indicated they were moments away from erupting into fire!
We quickly put out the embers and were relieved … our home was safe again.
The first thing we did was to pray, thanking God. Then, we sat down and assessed what had happened.
  • Right above the rags was the brand new smoke detector in the new addition!
  • What if we had been away from home when the spontaneous combustion occurred? Or if it had happened in the middle of the night?
  • More significant, what if Jason had not INSISTED on installing smoke detectors?
It was astonishing! Jason the Fire Marshall was Divinely Aligned to be just where and when God wanted him to be in order to deliver a life-saving Godwink!"
Pastor Don's experience reawakened an awareness that Godwinks and Divine Alignment happen to each of us. We just might not be paying attention.
Let's take a refresher course:
  • If you have avoided disaster by being somewhere … either seconds before or seconds after harm would have come to you … you’ve been divinely aligned.
  • If you met the love of your life, or were led to the job that led to your career, by being at the right place at the right time … then you were divinely aligned.
Here's the point: it's never too late to thank God. He did it.
Many good wishes for amazing Godwinks.

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