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“As photographers we picked up newspapers from the Patriot Boat at 4:30am then took photos of Martha's Vineyard at sunrise, posting them online, while distributing papers to island vendors.
In the wee hours the dock at Oak Bluffs Harbor can be BRUTALLY COLD.
One morning a STRANGER was standing in the FREEZING WIND waiting for the boat, so I naturally invited him to WAIT in MY WARM CAR.
FAST FORWARD two weeks. I was driving down to Eastville Beach, trying to get a photo, and suddenly the front of my VAN SUNK into the soft sand.
I was STUCK, axle-deep, on a downhill slope, impossible to get out.
Since I FORGOT to bring my PHONE I had no choice but to start walking.
I spotted a truck and asked the man for help. It was THE VERY STRANGER who sat in my warm car a couple weeks earlier!
It took him 30 seconds to PULL ME OUT!
Moral to the story: ‘Be not forgetful to ENTERTAIN STRANGERS, for thereby some have entertained ANGELS unawares’.”
Yann Meersseman
On the island of Martha’s Vineyard, Yann and Moria made a name for themselves, not as the couple who distributed papers, but by the amazing PHOTOS THEY TOOK ALONG THE WAY. 
We thank them for sharing the beauty of The Vineyard to so many around the globe, but also for this wonderful GODWINK STORY reminding us to be KIND to strangers. When we do, Godwinks can happen!
Yann and Moria's photography can be seen on some of our FREE Greeting Cards with every Godwink book purchase. You can "window shop" or just enjoy their talents at this link
Photo: Vineyard Colors: Oak Bluffs, MA, Ocean Park
Wishes for winks.


Mary Nachtwey
Mary Nachtwey
Most interesting. Did this happen recently? Just curious. Thank you.
Janna Whitlock
Janna Whitlock
A very good Godwinks story ! With me being a women I see many people I would like to help or give a ride, but personal in this day and age I am afraid ! Thank you Janna from SD

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