SQuire Rushnell

“Christmas Every Day of the Year!” used to be the phrase we’d use to describe an unending streak of joy unfolding in our lives.


Like images of Candyland that blossomed in our minds as kids—a wonderful place where little people would ride in a boat made of cookies on a lake chocolate—Christmas every day would be everything you could wish for!


Now, Hallmark has made “Christmas Every Day” possible. With the click of button you can tune your television to another uplifting, feel-good Christmas movie on Hallmark.


Can you imagine the joy that Louise and I have felt just knowing that one of those movies during the recent holidays was one of ours? And, on top of that, to hear from your letters and emails that you are part of a vast audience with an insatiable hunger for programming that LIFTS YOUR SPIRITS rather than the other way around?


In a tangible measurement, we are told that A Godwink Christmas … starring Kathie Lee Gifford, Kimberley Sustad and Paul Campbell … was watched repeatedly, all telecasts, by 12.5 million viewers. That’s huge!


Hallmark was pleased. They’ve asked us to tee up another in the “Godwink Movie Series” for this coming Christmas. Can’t wait to tell you about it … but it’s a bit too soon.


Then we flipped upon learning the outcome of a poll conducted by the popular blog It’s A Wonderful Movie. In the category of faith/inspiration, you voted A Godwink Christmas #1.


Now Louise and I are buckled-down working on a fun new book containing over two dozen Godwink stories, all about dogs. Godwink Dogwinks!


If you have a story about a wonderful “bow-wow” and an equally wonderful “wow” Godwink,  we’d love to hear it.


Meanwhile, we are grateful for your kind support and furtherance of the Godwinks Thesis to bring everyone “signs of hope.”


May you, in return, receive “Christmas Everyday” … with boundless Godwinks of joy, hope and good fortune!




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