SQuire Rushnell


“When I was small we lived near my grandparents in Maine. I befriended a sweet young girl named Marie with long blonde hair and big blue eyes.

We’d frequently go to GRANDPA'S house. He always carried a little BLACK BOOK in his pocket. He would pull it out and point to our names, reminding us that he PRAYED FOR US DAILY.

After my teen years, I NEVER SAW Marie again and my Grandparents passed on.

Thirty years later, visiting my parents in Florida, I attended church with them.

My mother spotted a BLONDE LADY with big blue eyes who looked familiar. The lady looked back and recognized my mom. It was MARIE, my childhood friend!

Marie shared that thanks to my Grandpa's PRAYING for her ... and that little black book … she had found her FAITH.

God’s grace always amazes me!”

Brenda Larson


My wonderful wife Louise always says, “prayers never come back void.” That’s what Brenda and Marie, discovered as little girls … the prayers of a kindly grandfather placed each of them into invisible armor of prayer, that lasted for years.

Is there a child in your neighborhood who needs to be “written into your little book” and prayed for?

There are so many little ones, right now, somewhere, who are crying out to be saved from unspeakable acts.

Let us pray that each will be delivered by powerful Godwinks to a place of protection and spiritual comfort.

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