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“Riding my bicycle home, I stopped at an INTERSECTION. I saw that it was CLEAR.

But ... as I went to cross … I COULDN'T MOVE. It felt like someone was HOLDING the back of my seat!

I looked behind me. NOBODY was there.

Then, when I turned back to the intersection, a high-speed CAR was ZOOMING by!

Whatever that mysterious force was … I believe, it totally saved my life!”

Giborah Hoshannah


Do ANGELS really watch over you?

Here’s your promise of guardianship in the ancient scriptures:

“He will order his angels to protect you wherever you go.”*

Feels good to know we’re never alone, doesn't it!

Let me ask you this: are there kids in your family who also need to be introduced to the promises in the ancient scriptures?

Two classic kids movies I oversaw in production at ABC, endorsed by CBN, are now both available for the first time in years... offered by our Pray Together Stay Together ministry... at a bargain price, for the express purpose of teaching children values of the Bible.

Sending you wishes for Godwinks of personal protection.


*PS 91:11


Rosemary amaio
Rosemary amaio
Had this happen something like this. Angels are real. I believe!!!
Nancy Carley
Nancy Carley
Thank you for this uplifting reminder!😇

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